Why do I want to be a blogger?

It ain’t long since I started blogging at the age of 17. When I disclosed to my friends about this new plan half of them wished me a successful future ahead and hoped that one day I make lots of money blogging (I started blogging only two days back).

So I was quite taken aback. Part of me hoped my blogging will be a success. But then I wondered!!

Why did I want to blog? Definitely not for gaining attention or making money.! And that moment realisation hit me. Blogging was just a platform for me to vent out my inexpressible feelings. As a human we go through a lot of experiences and come across various things in our lives. But what we don’t realise is everyday is not like an other day and everyday we come across new feelings new people new lessons and so many other new things. But such common things are not as important to be shared or spoken with others but deep inside I wish I could in detail share all of my feelings with someone but that would get real annoying for people if you start talking about every small detail of your life. This is where blogging comes into my life. Without tiring any one person I want to vent my every feeling, confess and talk about how I try to look at this world and in which sense do I perceive everything. Its a medium for me to open myself without being judged because I am a lone stranger in this wide platform. Scared of being judged stopped me in my life at various crucial points. So through blogging I expect to build fearlessness of being judged and step ahead bravely into this world..!!

This blog would lie anonymous to 99.9% of the world and for the first time in my life I realised that sometimes it’s better to be FADED..!!

Its exam tym..!!!

This is gonna get real funny coz I am blogging like one day before my exam and dat too chemistry and dat too wen u have no idea how the last two chapters work..!duh!! Dats very exhausting..!! Isn’t it unfair dat ur knowledge of the entire year is judged on how well u can cram things into your head in maybe two nights. Personally until I encountered with organic chemistry I was planning to pick chemistry as a serious career(come on dont judge me I am still in 11th);-) . So as I was telling I wanna share with you how this misplanned education system has taken my self esteem.

So until 10th I was a kid fair enough in science with a CGPA 10 and just like an other kid of a typical Indian family I picked up science without a second thought. But fortunately it was my thing but not for most of my other friends. In 10th we were just given a vague description of science that most of us fell into this trap and ended up picking it. There is a quantum jump from what we learn till 10th and what we learn in 11th and 12th. So a kid with a 95% in 10th can fail in 11th and personally my performance dropped down exponentially and now I am at 88%. :-[:-[.So 11th has three phases :

1) Depression Phase-in this phase u will lose ur self esteem to the highest extent. Because only an elite section of the class can understand what is being taught. The rest all of them can only understand that an unknown alien language is being taught😂. (I thought dey taught Greek and Latin)

2)Recovery phase: after around half year you kinda adapt and realise all is not lost. ( U basically lose interest in studying during phase 1)

3)Kick starting again: u actually realise u can understand something and try to focus back and by then ur 11th ends with u scoring a very average percentile.

So don’t lose hope too fast. The only good thing about CBSE is no one gives a damn about your 11th marks so it’s ok if u don’t score too well in 11th